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Which Lambrusco Frizzante?

Ever wondered why it seems to be almost impossible to find out how sweet a particular Lambrusco is?

However, if one genuinely wants to explore different genuine Lambrusos one absolutely needs to know the residual sugar.

Mainly, because the sugar range of the types of Lambruscos you can find in supermarkets and wine stores is mindblowing: It starts at zero for bottle refermented Lambrusos and goes up to 90g/l sugar for industrial Lambrusco versions.

I’ve noticed that most producers don’t even bother to list the amount of sugar, the alcohol percentage and the acidity level for their Lambrusos on their websites. Yet, this information is essential, if you want to get into classic Lambruscos.

Well, wonder no more.

My “sugar list” will actually help you to find other Lambruscos that are within your preferred sweetness range. Hence, you’ll be able to dive deeper into the world of Lambrusco without ever ending up with another “wrong” (too sweet, not sweet enough) bottle.

IMHO, it should be mandatory for producers to list the sugar content on the back label of every Lambrusco. It makes a huge difference if your classic Lambrusco Secco contains 5g/l or the maximum or 15g/l sugar.

I’m in the process of contacting Lambrusco producers for this information and will update this page from time to time.

00.0= n/a | 00.0= n/a | 0.0= n/a| N7= Requested info via email but no response after 7 days.

1. Classic Lambrusco

Craft Lambrusco
Rifermentazione Ancestrale
Bottle refermented
0 to 4g/l sugar (bone-dry)
Modern Classic Lambrusco
Refermented in tank (charmat)
Minimum 10.5% alcohol
5g/l to max. 15g/l sugar
5 to 8g/l sugar (very dry/dry)
9 to 11g/l sugar (dry/off-dry)
  • 08.5/11.0/0.0 Concerto • Medici Ermete (RE)
    Note: This is the only LRFS that has been awarded 10 ‘Tre Bicchieri’ by Gambero Rosso since 2010 (starting with vintage 2009).
12 to 15g/l sugar (off-dry/sweet)

2. Commercial Lambrusco

Minimum 10% Alc.
  • 00.0/11.5/00.0 PederzanaPederzana (MO)
    Note: US label
  • 00.0/11.5/00.0 Solco • Paltrinieri (MO)

3. Industrial Lambrusco

4-9.5% alc, amabile, dolce, reddish, colorless or pinkish
  • 90.0/08.0/00.0 Bellagio • Riunite (RE)
    Note: Private label for Banfi, USA
  • 00.0/07.5/00.0 Cella • Riunite (RE)
    Note: Brand owned by Riunite
  • 00.0/08.0/00.0 Lo Duca • Ca’ De Medici (RE)
    Note: Private label for Lo Duca Brothers, USA
  • 50.0/08.0/00.0 Riunite • Riunite (RE)
    Recently lowered from 60g/l.
  • 50.0/07.5/06.5 Rossa Notte • Riunite (RE)
    Note: Private label for Kroger, USA

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