This blog is about genuine (red, frizzante secco, min. 10.5% alc., refermented in tank or bottle) and not so real (4-9.5% alc.) Lambrusco: Lambrusco Emilians love to drink with every meal,  and Lambrusco most Emilians do not drink but have been selling by the “billions” of bottles around the world since 1965.

I’ve been traveling up and down the Via Emilia since 1986 and will be sharing some of my past and future travel encounters, wine and food discoveries and other interesting tidbits.

It’s hard to believe,  but it took some 10 years to get all of the facts on the production of craft (bottle-refermented), real (secco, red, frizzante, min. 10.5% alc.), shortcut (“pet-nat” or single fermentation, instead of the traditional double fermentation), commercial (10% alc.), and industrial (4-9.5% alc.) Lambrusco versions. They were gathered, not from books (they didn’t exist), but from countless conversations and tastings with tiny, small and large Lambrusco producers and also huge Lambrusco factories.